Research is the requirement of today’s academia at higher level educational institutes. Therefore, the faculty development program with the flavor of research skills and opening new avenues will be interesting for the participants. The program includes hands-on training to develop competency in scientific research skills. It also includes the methodologies to analyze and plan curriculum for the systematic development of students' research skills.

In this segment the participants will get awareness of research designs and its challenges and prospects. The participants will be guided how to select research topics and how to write an effective research proposal. Qualitative and quantitative research methodologies will be discussed in detail. This will facilitate participants to choose the relevant research philosophy and methodology for their final research proposals with their respective supervisors. The interactive session with participants will be held to discuss the complications faced in data collection and its management. SPSS, STATA and NVIVO are the mostly used software for business cadre research and are also the part of this program. The best practices for the write up will be discussed with the expert researchers who have published their work in national and international impact factor journals. This will encourage the participants to develop a good research work for future publication. The issues of plagiarism will be also discussed in facet.

Understanding research principles and developing a research project is increasingly required by both faculty and students. The role of this segment of the project is research-based learning to enhance research and academic writing skills in business education.